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Emergency Dentist in Green Hills

women holding cheek in painEmergencies of any kind are stressful, painful, and often frightening, but dental emergencies are especially traumatic because patients don’t always know what to do when they occur. Many dentistry practices don’t offer emergency treatment outside of regular office hours, and a broken tooth may not seem like a good enough reason to visit the emergency room. At Green Hills Dental Center, we offer emergency dental care when our patients need it most.

Conveniently located in Green Hills, Nashville, we welcome residents of Berry Hill, Crieve Hall, and other nearby communities to contact our team right away in case of emergency. We offer same day appointments whenever possible, and are happy to talk patients through first aid to manage pain and side effects of dental damage until they arrive at our practice.

The best way to protect oral and overall health during a dental emergency is to have an action plan. The Green Hills Dental Center team recommends: