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Smile Gallery

Before cosmetic dentistry treatmentAfter receiving cosmetic Dental bonding in Nashville

This patient is a 26 yr. old singer/songwriter. She wanted to improve her smile for the stage. Dr. Kirby used a combination of composite bonding and contouring to give this patient a beautiful smile in only a 1 hour visit.

Before receiving Porcelain veneersafter receiving porcelain veneers & crowns

This patient is a 25 yr. old who had struggled all her life with her teeth. Dr. Kirby completed 8 all porcelain veneers and crowns to help this patient achieve the beautiful smile you see here. Dr. Kirby also helped the patient develop better oral hygiene habits through patient education and coaching to ensure the success of her veneers.

before treatment with Green Hills Dental Center' cosmetic dentistafter receiving composite dental bonding

This patient is a college student who was home on break to get her braces off. She wanted her small teeth fixed to complete her nice straight white smile. Dr. Kirby did composite bonding to build the teeth up to normal size and the patient returned to college the next day to show off her beautiful smile!

Before receiving restorative & cosmetic dental servicesAfter receiving a dental implant crown restoration & a porcelain veneers in Nashville

This patient is a 33 yr. old who had an implant placed when he was 19 yrs. old. He was no longer happy with the appearance of the crown and also had bonding on another tooth that was chipping away. Dr. Kirby did a new implant crown and replaced the bonding with an all porcelain crown to match. The patient was thrilled with the results!

Before treatment with Nashville cosmetic dentistafter receiving cosmetic bonding treatment

This patient is a 49 yr. old woman who wanted to fix her chipped and jagged front teeth. The patient had some financial limitations and wanted conservative treatment. Dr. Kirby completed composite bonding and contouring and the patient left that day with a beautiful new smile. Her co-workers raved at the results!

Before receiving in-office teeth whiteningafter receiving laser Teeth whitening treatment

This patient was a 45 yr old male who completed in-office laser whitening for the very first time and was thrilled with his amazing results.