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Same Day Dental Crowns with CEREC

Man Smiling in light blue shirtCEREC stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, but what it really means is patients are able to renew damaged smiles in just one visit. No need to wait two or more weeks for a custom dental crown, no more goopy dental impressions, and best of all, higher quality precision restorations in a single, time-saving appointment. Our doctors have years of experience restoring patients’ smiles using the CEREC system, and we welcome patients from Green Hills, Belle Meade, and surrounding areas to visit either of our convenient locations.

Traditional Dental Crown Placement

illustration of dental crown

Traditional dental crowns require two visits to place. During the initial appointment, a patient’s damaged tooth is prepared. Decayed tissue is removed, and damaged dental structure is smoothed and shaped to receive a crown. We collect a dental impression by having patients bite down on a molding putty that we send to our dental lab where a custom restoration is milled. Then, we craft and place a temporary dental crown that protects the prepared tooth until the custom restoration is completed typically within four weeks. Once the crown is returned from our trusted lab, patients visit our team again. During the second appointment, we remove the temporary crown and replace it with the custom restoration. While this process is comfortable and effective, many patients would like to renew their smiles without the wait, and that’s why we offer CEREC same day crowns.

The CEREC System

CEREC image of teeth

The process of dental crown placement is almost exactly the same as traditional crown restoration. The only difference is time. Rather than waiting several weeks, patients are able to renew their smiles in just one day, and better yet, patients don’t have to undergo goopy traditional dental impressions. The CEREC computer assisted design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) system easily captures precise digital tooth impressions that are transferred to our in-office milling unit where a solid block of porcelain is shaped into a custom dental crown. Then, we place the restoration all in one visit.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

dentist using CEREC on patient
  • Save time by completing the procedure in a single visit
  • Reduce the risk of further damaging teeth by placing and removing a temporary crown
  • No need to wear less comfortable temporary restorations
  • Smiles are completely restored with the high quality materials and precise milling unit

Contact Green Hills Dental Center to find out more about how to restore your smile in just one visit to our  Green Hills office or to schedule your CEREC consultation.