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Are There People Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

April 12, 2024

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While most people can expect their wisdom teeth to erupt at some point in their late teens or early adulthood, there are people out there who won’t have to worry about that. The wisdom teeth, also called the third molars, are the last teeth to emerge, and they are often removed due to not coming in properly or the mouth not having enough room for them. However, some people are born without wisdom teeth, so they will never have to go through this rite of passage. Here’s how this can happen.

Why Are Some People Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

Every child is born with all of their adult teeth partially formed beneath the gumline. On occasion, a dentist performing an X-ray will discover that a child is missing one or all of their wisdom teeth. While this can be a bit of a surprise, it does not carry any adverse effects for their oral health.

It is estimated that somewhere between 5 and 37 percent of people are missing at least one of their third molars. While the reasons why this happens are not quite clear, it may be due to genetics. Someone with a parent who has no wisdom teeth may be more likely to not have them either.

My Wisdom Teeth Never Erupted. Am I in the Clear?

While it might be tempting to assume that you have no wisdom teeth if you have never noticed them, they can still be there even if they cannot be seen. If wisdom teeth fail to emerge properly, they become impacted, which makes them more vulnerable to injury and infection that can spread to the other teeth. In some cases, the wisdom teeth fail to emerge from the gums entirely, which can cause a lot of constant pain. If you’re in your late teens or early twenties and not sure why your mouth is hurting, it’s probably time to see your dentist about the problem.

How Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Before doing anything else, your dentist will administer anesthetic treatments to render your wisdom tooth extraction completely painless. In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, they will make incisions in the gums through which these molars can be extracted. If these teeth are especially big, they may be divided into smaller pieces that can be extracted more easily.

The wisdom teeth can cause a patient many oral health problems whether they emerge completely or not. If you believe these third molars are giving you trouble, consulting with your dentist can set you on the path to smiling and chewing comfortably again.

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