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Enjoy Total Wellness from Your Dental Practice in Green Hills!

April 23, 2018

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man in dentist chair smilingWhen you think of your oral health, do you envision it as being separate from your overall wellness? If so, your local dentist will explain just how connected the care of your mouth, teeth and gums is to the health of your entire body. Furthermore, you’ll learn how preventive dentistry and oral hygiene work in tandem to make a positive impact.

How Your Oral and Overall Health are Connected

A new term has emerged in the world of dentistry called oral-systematic connection. It refers to the relationship between the health of your oral cavity and the rest of your body, where the former serves as a window into the hidden world of your entire wellness.

An example of this version of trickle-down health can be understood through the development of gum disease, where the following occurs:

  • Bacteria are attracted to the teeth and gums after the consumption of food and beverages.
  • If not properly removed, they accumulate in a great abundance and form plaque.
  • Untreated plaque leads to tooth decay and gum infection, which causes inflammation.
  • The inflamed gums (periodontitis disease) leads to infected blood being transported to the heart in the form of arterial plaque, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

What could develope into a heart problem starts simply with untreated oral bacteria.

How to Improve Your Overall Health Through Oral Care

Improving your oral care has definite effects on your total health by eliminating many of the problematic bacteria.

Here are some of the ways to go about doing that:

  • Regular Visits – Preventive dentistry involves visiting your dentist at least semi-annually for cleanings and examinations to ensure that there are no issues like cavities or gingivitis (a minor form of periodontitis). If any problems are discovered, they can be addressed before they mushroom into something greater.
  • Excellent Oral Hygiene – Practicing excellent oral hygiene – which includes brushing and flossing at least twice a day – is also very essential to your overall health. These simple practices agitate and remove bacteria from your mouth before they can cause havoc.
  • Eating Healthier – Bacteria love to feed on any leftovers from foods or beverages, and they especially enjoy sugars. Thus, if you limit your consumption of processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables, there will less of them present in your mouth, which means less problems.

So now that you know how valuable your dental care is to your overall health, don’t hesitate to reach out to your family dentist in Green Hills to schedule an appointment today, so that you’ll be sure that your entire body is strong and healthy!

About the Author

As the son of a dentist, it’s safe to say that dentistry runs in Dr. James Kirby’s blood. A graduate of the University of Tennessee in Memphis, he has been putting smiles on the faces of his patients for a decade now, specializing in cosmetic and dental implant procedures. Dr. Kirby practices at P.S. Smiles and can be reached for more information through his website.

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