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Your Dentist in Green Hills Says Don’t Miss This When Brushing!

June 14, 2018

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man smiling while brushing teethYou’re doing your best to fortify your oral health, so you’re sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day. You may be surprised to find out, then, that your efforts may still leave much to be desired. As you read on, your dentist in Green Hills weighs in to reveal a part of your teeth that is often overlooked. Learn how you can prevent oral health problems by addressing this part of your teeth.

The Most Overlooked Part of Your Teeth

When you’re doing anything, it’s much easier to be aware of the aspects of the activity that are easily visible. For example, many people who work out in the gym are more apt to train the muscles they can see in the mirror than the ones that are in the back of their bodies.

If you’re not careful, the same thing can happen when you brush your teeth. It’s easy to address the front part and the chewing surfaces, but the inside of your teeth is often neglected. As mentioned above, one of the reasons for this is the lack of visibility of that part of your teeth. The other reason is that it requires more effort to clean.

As a side note, the American Dental Association suggests that you hold your brush in a vertical manner to clean the inside of your teeth properly. Also, don’t forget that you should brush for at least two minutes each session, which provides enough time for you to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Another Area That is Often Missed

While we’re talking about areas of your teeth that are easily overlooked, let’s discuss another part that’s often neglected – between your teeth. Even if you thoroughly brush the inside, chewing and outer surfaces of your teeth, you’ll still only be cleaning 60 percent. To thoroughly clean the remaining area, you need to floss. Using this flexible material is the only way to properly get into the tight crevasses between your teeth, and the benefits are vast.

Why is Oral Hygiene So Important?

Your dental hygiene is important because it provides you with a line of defense against a host of bacteria-driven oral maladies like cavities, gum disease and others, that are eagerly waiting on you to display any degree of negligence. As your primary nemeses, bacteria leak their acidic properties and are the source of all tooth decay, but you can control them by cleaning your ivories properly.

Thankfully, your family dentist in Green Hills is available to help you achieve and maintain the quality of oral health that you need and desire. To experience the full benefits of preventive care, reach out to schedule an appointment today!

About the Author

A graduate of the University of Tennessee in Memphis, Dr. James Kirby has been practicing dentistry for nearly a decade. It’s been a goal of his to become a dentist and walk in his father’s footsteps since childhood, which translates into a level of compassionate and detailed care that is unmatched. Dr. Kirby practices at Green Hills Dental Center and can be reached for more information through his website.

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