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Can Your Dentures Impact Your Nutrition?

August 8, 2022

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man enjoying a meal with dentures in Green Hills

One of the most well-known methods for replacing missing teeth is dentures. Not only do these restorations have a long history of rebuilding people’s smiles, but they’re also more affordable than other treatment options. However, you might be surprised by how they can affect your diet in the long run. Read on to learn the link between dentures and nutrition, and how your dentist can help address any concerns!

The Link Between Dentures & Nutrition

In a recent study, a research team monitored the blood count, metabolic profile, and other components of over 10,000 patients. The findings revealed that those wearing dentures had a substantial decline in their nutrition and diet over two years. Though there are other aspects to account for, such as their dental insurance status, there seems to be a close connection between denture-wearers and nutrition.  

How Do Dentures Affect Your Nutrition?

The main relation between dentures and the patient’s diet may come down to one factor: biting power. While these restorations are durable and designed to last many years, they are only supported by the natural suction with the gums. This means they can sometimes slip or shift out of position, which significantly reduces a patient’s chewing force to about 25% of their natural biting power. Over time, they may have a more challenging time chewing or eating certain foods, especially those that are hard, crunchy, or sticky. This can lead to malnutrition since they’ll have difficulty digesting meals properly.

What Can Your Dentist Do to Help?

While dentures are one of the most popular treatments for restoring smiles, they aren’t the only tooth-replacement option. You can also choose dental implants, which can directly anchor dentures to your jawbone. Not only will these help you regain 80% or more of your biting force, but the metal posts will also prevent jawbone deterioration and further tooth loss. These restorations will still be made out of durable dental material, except you can expect them to last several decades to a lifetime with proper care! This option may come with a higher initial cost, but you won’t have to get them adjusted or replaced as often as with traditional dentures, which can often hike up the overall price.

Although modern dentures are effective and can rebuild a lifelike smile, they can sometimes affect your nutrition and the foods you choose to eat. If you’re experiencing any concerns, feel free to speak with your dentist about getting implant dentures for a stronger bite!

About the Author

Dr. James Kirby studied at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and has delivered outstanding care for well over a decade. He also regularly seeks advanced training to expand his techniques and expertise. He offers a vast collection of comprehensive and high-quality treatments, including implant dentures. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, visit his website or call him at 615-327-2123.

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